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Disposable Glass & Cup

04175 PS 6Oz Clear Champagne Glass

04341 PS 6Oz Clear Monoblock Champagne Glass

04174 PS 6Oz Clear Wine Cup 
04830 PS 5Oz Wine Glass
05382 PS 4Oz Clear Cocktail Glass
09841 PS 0.2L Juice Cup
08619 PS 8Oz Tumbler (Also available in 7Oz, 9Oz, and 10Oz.)
09752 PP 9Oz Cup (Also available in 5Oz, 7Oz, and 16Oz.)
05253 PP Coffee Cup
04176 PS Clear 4cl Glass (Also available in 2cl abd 5 cl)
02165 PS 6Oz Wine Glass
05399 PS Martini Glass
05724 PS 10Oz Tumbler with Design